Mitch Yarbrough

Mitch Yarbrough, A.A.S., BC-HIS

Mitch Yarbrough attended Spokane Falls Community College and Montana State University, finishing at the top of his class while earning a degree in Hearing Instrument Science. “Watching my father-in-law struggle with hearing loss and his hearing aids was an impetus for me to pursue this career,” he recounts.

Mitch has been a fixture at Columbia’s main office downtown since 2002, and is always eager to discuss the latest in new technologies and amplification strategies. His focus on providing compassionate care to his patients stems from his fifteen years as a small business owner, where he learned the value of customer service, and ensures that you or your loved one will be treated with care and respect.

“The news that our first grandchild was born with a profound hearing loss was a devastating blow,” Mitch says. “My training taught me that there was hope for her to hear. Today she hears well, thanks to bilateral cochlear implants. Bringing the gift of better hearing into people’s lives is certainly the most rewarding part of this great career.” Mitch is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science and a member of the International Hearing Society.