Nadine King

Nadine King, A.A.S., BC-HIS

Nadine King received her Hearing Instrument Specialist degree through Spokane Falls Community College, where she was honored for academic excellence. She is certified through the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and is a member of the International Hearing Society.

Equipping patients to better hear their friends and loved ones is counted as a great privilege by Nadine. “Carefully selected and properly programmed hearing aids can help to rebuild struggling relationships,” she explains. “For example, one wife reported that her husband did not realize that she had totally given up on talking with him in the car. With his new CROS hearing aid, this couple recovered the ability to converse in this challenging situation.” Nadine treasures our patients’ stories of success. She has the empathy and patience to walk beside you toward the goal of better hearing.