For those with hearing loss in Spokane, hearing aids offer an opportunity to regain their healthy and happy lifestyle. Choosing the right device for your personal needs, however, can prove to be a complex task. The hearing aid selection process is just a small part of your overall hearing loss treatment plan, which you will work with your provider to develop after you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss.

Modern hearing aids are amazing devices that house an abundance of digital technology in their tiny casings. Digital processing allows hearing aids to be packed with features that improve listening in a variety of situations and settings. Your hearing aid selection will depend on your lifestyle, activity level, hearing loss needs, cosmetic preferences and budget.

The Hearing Aid Selection Process

First, your provider will assess your lifestyle and activity level as well as the frequency and severity of your hearing loss. Based on these factors, certain devices may fit your needs better than others. Once the field is narrowed down, your audiologist will guide you in selecting the perfect pair based on your cosmetic preferences, expectations, limitations and financing constraints.

Sleek, small hearing devices are cosmetically appealing, but they also have fewer features and a shorter battery life. Larger devices are typically full of features and easier to handle for patients with dexterity issues. Popular built-in technologies amongst Spokane hearing loss patients include digital noise reduction, sound localization, directional microphones, feedback reduction, amplification, automatic volume control, Bluetooth® connectivity and waterproof coatings.

Along with hearing aids themselves, you should also consider the available accessories when choosing your new hearing devices. Assistive listening devices, wireless accessories, remote control options and other add-on devices improve the hearing aid experience for many patients. Talk to your provider about the hearing aid accessories compatible with each individual instrument as you make your selection to ensure you have access to all of the features and functions you need.