Hearing aids are complicated, intricate devices. Even with the best care, sometimes they can malfunction and require a repair. Many basic troubleshooting techniques can be performed at home, though more complicated repairs may need to be completed in-office or by a specialist.

Regular at-home and in-office servicing can help extend the life of your hearing devices.

Each day, your hearing aids are exposed to potentially damaging environments full of heat, earwax and moisture. To protect your devices, daily cleanings with a dry, soft cloth are very important. Cleaning kits, cleaning tools and dehumidifiers can help you better clean and dry your hearing devices as well.

At-Home Hearing Aid Repairs

There are a lot of problems Spokane hearing aid wearers can encounter throughout their time with hearing aids. Luckily, many of these issues are basic and can be resolved at home. Here are some commonly encountered issues and techniques that may offer a resolution:

  • Can’t hear any sound?
    • Try reinserting or replacing the battery
    • Ensure your device is on the microphone setting
    • Clean earwax from earmold and tubing
    • Replace wax guard
  • Hearing annoying feedback or whistling?
    • Readjust or reinsert your hearing aid
    • Turn down the volume
    • Schedule an audiological appointment to remove excess earwax
  • Is the sound coming across weak or distorted?
    • Clean the battery compartment and contacts with a dry cloth
    • Replace the battery
    • Replace wax guard
    • Clean the earmold and tubing to remove wax

In-Office Hearing Aid Servicing

If you have hearing aids, you should plan on visiting Columbia Hearing Centers in Spokane for a servicing appointment every few months. During these appointments, a hearing aid repair specialist will perform a professional cleaning and performance check on your devices. In addition to this, your provider can check to ensure the devices are fitted and programmed correctly for your needs.

If you run into a problem that you can’t resolve at home, you will need to schedule a servicing and repair appointment with your hearing care provider. An expert technician will check your devices and either fix them in-office or send them to a specialist.