Custom ear molds are a great investment for anyone who regularly wears earplugs, earbuds, headsets or hearing aids. They offer many improvements over standard one-size-fits-all earpieces because they’re created specifically for your individual ear shape and hearing needs.

In Spokane, custom ear molds are manufactured using silicon molds of your ears’ concha and canal. This results in a personalized product that fits perfectly and offers many benefits. Custom ear molds are comfortable, snug and secure in your ears. They effectively block out all unwanted sound and offer specialized features for many different hobbies and activities.

Types of Custom Ear Molds

In Spokane, custom ear molds are used for many different medical, personal and professional purposes. They’re popular amongst construction and factory workers, motorcycle riders, hunters, people with hearing loss, swimmers, musicians, music enthusiasts, medical professionals, military members, police officers and more.

  • Earplugs: Loud noise exposure is a leading cause of hearing loss, accounting for about 25% of all cases. Custom earplugs offer the best in hearing protection, effectively blocking out loud and unwanted noises to keep your ears safe and your environment quiet.
  • Headsets and earpieces: Communication is important both at work and in the home. Custom headsets and earpieces deliver clear, quality sound at a safe volume. They’re commonly used for phone and radio communications.
  • Hearing aids: Most in-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing aid styles are made using custom ear molds. A perfect hearing aid fit improves acoustics and makes the devices more comfortable for everyday use.
  • Stethoscopes: Medical professionals often opt for custom stethoscopes and other in-ear instruments. Devices made from custom ear molds ensure patients receive accurate, reliable treatments and evaluations.
  • Earbuds: Custom earbuds provide music enthusiasts with an outstanding listening experience. They offer excellent noise cancellation while allowing you to listen to music at a safe volume. Personalized earbuds also improve the quality, clarity and accuracy of the sound.
  • Hunter’s plugs: Gunshots can instantly damage your hearing, so protecting yourself from hearing loss while hunting is very important. Hunter’s plugs block out high-decibel sounds, but their unique design also allows the important, subtle sounds from your surroundings to reach your ears.
  • Swimmer’s plugs: Time in the water can cause conditions like ear infections, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear to develop. Swimmer’s plugs reduce the risk of developing any of these problems. They’re made from high-quality waterproof materials and create a tight but comfortable seal that effectively keeps water out even as you move.
  • Musician’s monitors: It’s important for musicians to hear their instruments and vocals as they play, but hearing loss should be a major concern for those in the music industry. Musician’s monitors allow the best of both worlds—they stream your band’s music directly into your ears at a safe volume while providing top-notch noise protection.