Getting hearing aids is a major part of treating hearing loss, but your treatment plan involves more than simply selecting, buying and wearing a pair of hearing aids. After you’ve worked closely with your Spokane provider to choose the perfect hearing devices for your needs and lifestyle, a hearing aid fitting is the next step.

A professional hearing aid fitting is the only way to ensure your new devices are performing properly and precisely.

Today’s advanced digital hearing aids are very complex, fine-tuned instruments. When you receive your new devices, you will also schedule a hearing aid fitting appointment with a Spokane provider. This process serves many important purposes and is absolutely vital for any new hearing aid wearer.

What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Depending on your needs, the hearing aid fitting process can happen in one appointment or over the course of a few visits to your Board Certified, hearing instrument specialist in Spokane. Hearing aid fittings address several important aspects of adapting to life with new hearing aids. Here are some of the things you should expect to happen during the fitting process:

  • Counseling: Before you begin wearing hearing aids, your hearing healthcare provider will want to spend time counseling you and your companion on what to expect from the lifestyle changes ahead. By understanding the perks and limitations of hearing aids as well as what to expect from your devices, you will be able to get the most from life with hearing aids.
  • Fitting: Your provider will check the physical fit of your devices to ensure they sit in place correctly, securely and comfortably. Adapting to the feeling of hearing aids in your ears can be a challenge; ensuring a perfect fit will help you adjust as smoothly as possible.
  • Programming: Many models of hearing aids come with several features, settings and functions. You will work with your provider to program your hearing aids for your individual hearing needs in different situations. Your Spokane hearing aid fitting technician will explain the programs your hearing aid offers and help you learn to control and adjust them.
  • Operating: Hearing aids contain a lot of technology in very small devices, and understanding how to use the various controls takes time and patience. Your provider will show you the relevant procedures to turn the device on and off, adjust the volume, transition between listening modes, switch between multiple programs, connect to hearing aid accessories and more.
  • Cleaning: To keep your hearing aids working their best and free from repairs, daily cleanings are a must. During your appointment, you will learn the correct cleaning techniques to perform each night and get instructions for using any cleaning tools you decide to take home.
  • Battery Training: Changing your device’s batteries will become a regular part of your routine, but handling the tiny batteries can be difficult at first. During this portion of the appointment, you will learn how to shop for, remove, replace and clean your batteries correctly.
  • Fine Tuning: A few weeks after your initial hearing aid fitting appointment, you will need to schedule another office visit at your Spokane hearing clinic for fine-tuning and adjustments. Make the most out of this appointment by writing down any notes or questions you have in the weeks before this meeting, so you can ensure you get the help you need from our experts.